About Drain Unblockers Ltd

Merv Dowd took ownership of Drain Unblockers Ltd in 2002, and developed the company into the speciality business it is today. Drain Unblockers Ltd has operated and grown as a speciality business over 40 years. The introduction of CCTV cameras has greatly augmented our work, and the extensive training of our staff coupled with the development of our specialised vehicles ensures the company maintains a very high standard of service. Our vehicles are purpose built with an extensive range of equipment, including a complete See-snake push rod camera setup.

Drain Video Surveying

Over the last 10 years, Drain Unblockers Ltd has also widened its operation to include the video surveying of larger public and subdivision drains, for which we use specialised remotely controlled and monitored crawler tractors. These surveys are provided to the client in DVD format and include a Cleanflow report. In recent years, Drain Unblockers Ltd has further expanded its working area to the Waikato region and north Auckland. While we no longer employ drain layers, we use contract drain layers to complement our overall operation.

Focused On Health and Safety

The Drain Unblockers Ltd daily operations feature a strong focus on health and safety and any new staff member joining the company undergoes extensive training. We have ACC accreditation and also carry a $10,000,000 public liability cover. Our field of work presents many difficult challenges and our approach to each job is to complete the work as efficiently and professionally as possible.

About Merv Dowd, Owner

Merv Dowd has been a registered drain layer for over 40 years and has an extensive knowledge of the different drainage systems in the greater Auckland region. Merv has been self employed since 1974, and in the mid 1990s, changed his focus to drainage maintenance. With the valuable experience gained from new drainage installation over Auckland, the transition to drain unblocking and repair work was a relatively smooth one. Mervyn Dowd prides himself on operating Drain Unblockers Ltd with honesty and integrity.

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