Professionally Unblocking Drains In Hamilton and Auckland

Do you have a blocked drain? Blocked drains can cause some of the biggest headaches in terms of property maintenance or repair. So what can you do? Drain Unblockers Ltd is your solution if you have a blocked drain! We offer a wide variety of solutions to get your sewer and drains operating once again. We specialise in the unblocking of blocked drains from Auckland to Hamilton.

Tackling Any Blocked Drain

We are equipped with the latest in drain unblocking technology, allowing us to tackle any blocked drain you may have and get it unblocked in no time! No matter what type of drain you have, we can unblock it! We are able to provide you with advice on the best course to take and will get the job with the least disruption and cost to you.

Common Drain Blockage Causes

There are a number of reasons for blocked drains. Some of the common drain blockage causes include:

Sludge/Silt buildup
Food and grease buildup
Hair, lint, etc. accumulating
Tree Roots
Broken Pipes
Foreign Objects

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