CCTV Drain Inspection Services Auckland To Hamilton

Damage to your drains can be one of the most expensive repairs you ever have to make. Avoid flooding in and around your home or business, and the high costs of replacing your drain or pipeline with a CCTV video inspection. Drain Unblockers Ltd will help keep your pipelines in check with our CCTV video inspection technology. With accurate diagnostic reports and clear footage, Drain Unblockers Limited confirms the structural condition of your sewer line. When we locate a problem, we provide recommendations for repair and a free quote.

Push Rod Cameras

Drain Unblockers Ltd offers a variety of CCTV equipment which can survey drains/pipes of 40 mm up to 2400 mm. We have 2 fully equipped tractor/crawler units to attend your callout in rapid time. Every unblocking van has a Push Rod Camera on-board, used to provide a before and after flushing/cleaning to ensure we have cleared the blockage. For small pipes from 32 mm to 80 mm, we have a mini Push Rod Camera. These manoeuvre their way around gully traps, inspections, Buchanan traps and bends reaching distances up to 100 meters.

CCTV Drain Survey

A CCTV Drain Survey is a comprehensive survey which includes a DVD and a drain report of council standard. CCTV Drain Surveys usually are from manhole to manhole, with pipelines from 150 mm — 2.4 m, which we are fully capable of handling. Our drain survey process is simple and quick, providing the easy solution to seeing the insides of your drains. With pan and tilt features and zoom capability, no crack or minor pipe defect goes unseen. Our operators are fully trained in using Cleanflow and have undertaken the correct CCTV training courses to ensure a detailed diagnostic report.

If you need a drain survey done on your property, give us a call on 0800 286 256.

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