Auckland Sewer CCTV Chamber Inspections Services

Drain Unblockers Ltd can offer all sewer chamber inspection services needed to inspect your sewer chambers. Chamber inspections are crucial if you need to see what is inside your sewer drain, especially in certain circumstances such as when you have a blockage.

What Do Chamber Inspections Involve?

Sewer chamber inspections involve the use of the latest in CCTV cameras and equipment to detect what is in the sewer. The CCTV camera will be lowered into the sewer system and a video will be taken, showing what is in the sewer system. This video is then reviewed once the camera is lifted back out of the drain. This will tell both the drain unblocker and you what is in the sewer and if any repairs of unblocking are necessary. The drain unblocker will then advise you on the best course to take.

CCTV Inspection Technology

By using the latest in CCTV inspection technology, Drain Unblockers Ltd can provide the solution you need to inspecting your drain. From Auckland to Hamilton, we can provide clear footage which will clearly show what it inside your sewer drain.

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