Council CCTV Surveys & Lim Reports

If you’re building, renovating or doing any work on your property, the Council may require you to present a report and CCTV footage of the drains beneath your proposed work sites. With fully trained staff and the latest CCTV equipment, Drain Unblockers Ltd can help to get the council report completed in no time. Drain Unblockers Ltd have previously worked with the Taupo, Otorohanga, Waikato, and all parts of the Auckland Council providing CCTV work for single lines, new subdivisions and the odd council contract job. We are very confident we can carry out the work required for you.

Building Over A Drain

If you are planning on building over a council/public drain. It is required to show the drain you are building over or near is in good condition and able to be accessed after the works are done. The council usually requires a BEFORE and AFTER works survey to make sure no new structural defects have occurred to the line during works.

The CCTV survey is usually from manhole to manhole and the line should be marked or pegged where it enters and exits the works boundary. A DVD and Cleanflow report is provided with references to manhole node numbers and the asset ID of the line. Plans can also be provided with invert levels at the boundary points. They are also logged along with any defects in the easy to Read Cleanflow Log Sheet.

Lim Reports

Damage to your drains can be one of the most expensive repairs you may ever have to make. With a CCTV video inspection, Drain Unblockers Ltd will help keep your pipes in check. Our CCTV video inspection technology helps protect you from spending large amounts of money. With accurate diagnostic reports, Drain Unblockers Ltd confirms the structural condition of your sewer line. When we locate a problem, we provide recommendations for repair and a free quote. So before buying that new house, make sure to check what’s going on underneath before it’s too late.

CCTV Video Inspections

The Drain Unblockers Ltd CCTV Video Inspections service detects:

  • Leaking joints
  • Offset joints
  • Protruding Lateral Pipes
  • Root intrusion/obstructions
  • Cracked pipe
  • Blockage & Corrosion
  • Collapsed Pipe and Infiltration
  • Off-grade and broken pipes
  • Service and commercial laterals
  • Location of drain lines
  • Foreign Objects in line

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