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Drain relining is the process of creating a new drainage pipe within an existing pipe, without having to excavate the ground to remove the pipe. It is the most cost effective and efficient method of repairing a drain, making it quick and easy with no disruption to the ground above. It is done by installing a lining within the pipe which bonds and creates a new “inner wall”. No digging or excavation required!

Drain Relining

Drain relining can be carried out on almost all drains, from 100 mm diameter pipes to 1.5 meter culverts. It is done by inserting a flexible pipe liner containing resin into the drain, then pushing a bag of air into that pipe to mould the liner to the drain. It is then heated and cooled so that the liner moulds to the shape of the drain pipe.

Depending on the job at hand, we reline the drain in one single length or in overlapping layers. This makes for a strong new “inner wall” repairing any damage such as holes or leaks which allows the drain to operate in the manner that it should.

Mess Free, Quick Drain Repairs

Drain relining is a mess free and quick method which will ensure that your drain is up and running again, working as it should be. There is no disturbance to the ground above and is a very cost effective and simple process. As Drain Unblockers Ltd are equipped with the latest tools and equipment for the job, we are able to provide the best result when it comes to drain relining, disturbing and costing you as little as possible.

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