Hamilton and Auckland Drain Unblocking Specialists

At Drain Unblockers Ltd in Hamilton and Auckland, drain unblocking is our specialty. Drain Unblockers Ltd knows what a disruption blocked drains and plumbing problems can be in everyday home life and business operations. The key element for running business-as-usual starts with preventative maintenance. In addition to emergency drain cleaning services, Drain Unblockers Limited offers monthly, quarterly and yearly drain cleaning services to keep your drains in tip-top shape.

Latest Drain Unblocking Technology

By using the latest technology in drain unblocking, we are able to take care of any drain unblocking job for all types and sizes of drainage system. Whether it is something small like a clogged sink, or a large commercial drain that has been blocked or damages, we have the knowledge and equipment to tackle the job at hand. Our team has experience in handling a wide range of jobs ranging from blocked kitchen sinks to damaged large commercial systems.

CCTV cameras are used in our “COMBO DEAL” to provide a before and after DVD to make sure we have cleared the blockage FULLY, or to determine where the problem is and/or the cause of the blockage.

Common Drain Blockage Causes

There are a number of reasons for blocked drains. Some of the common drain blockage causes include:

Sludge/Silt buildup
Food and grease buildup
Hair, lint, etc. accumulating
Tree Roots
Broken Pipes
Foreign Objects

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