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At Drain Unblockers Ltd, we’re frequently asked a lot of questions about our range of drain unblocking services. We’ve answered many of these questions below for your convenience. Should you have further enquiries, please contact our friendly team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I attempt to unblock a gully trap myself?

    Unblocking a gully trap can be very tricky, very often when force is applied incorrectly the gully could break at lower level damaging the water seal. This could increase the damage and worsen the blockage adding further unnecessary cost to what might possibly could have been a very cheap unblock. You can discuss your options with us before booking the job.

  • After your work is complete, are you able to show me how to clean a drain?

    If the unblock was straight forward our technician will show how to prevent the blockage from happening again and advise on whether professional assistance will be required in future.

  • Can you provide sink unblocking services? Or unblock a small bath drain?

    Yes, our drain unblockers have the right tools and experience to unblock any size drain, quick and hassle free.

  • If you cannot unblock my drain, what is your next step?

    It is totally up to you. If after the first hour of drain unblocking is unsuccessful for whatever the reason, then we will contact you and either recommend a CCTV inspection to investigate where and what may be causing the blockage or continue to try unblocking the line. Drains that are heavily root bound or have multiple blockages may take longer than an hour to clear, but generally we can unblock you drain within the first hour.

  • I have a cesspit/sump that is not draining. Is it blocked?

    This could be one of two things. If the cesspit is full and you are unable to see the outlet pipe then you may need to get the cesspit/sump sucked out with our vacuum loader. If the cesspit/sump is clean but is still backing up then there is most probably a blockage further down the outlet line and will require unblocking.

  • Toilet/sink is slow draining and is making a funny noise. Is it blocked?

    You may have a partial blockage which could lead to a blockage in the near future. Partial blockages can be anything from paper buildup in the line, food scraps in waste pipes, root intrusion in the line. Partial blockage will allow water to flow but collect solids until it fully clogs the drain.

  • I have a blockage. How do I know if its council or a private problem?

    It is sometimes hard to tell if the problem is council or private. If water is continuously overflowing outside at gully traps when no one is using water or your neighbours drains are blocked also, you have a council problem. Some houses i.e. units and old state houses, are sometimes on a shared line and only the house at the lowest point may be affected.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept almost all forms of payment and usually require payment after the completion of work. We accept CASH, CHEQUE, VISA, DIRECT DEBIT. We also have monthly accounts for regular customers and commercial companies.

  • How do you charge for your services?

    We have a minimum charge of 1 hour. After the first hour, we charge every quarter of an hour which is part of the first hour. Our charges start from the time an operator arrives onsite and stop the clock once the operator has completed work onsite. For a list of charges, please call the office or fill out an inquiry which we will reply as soon as possible.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    We cannot guarantee a drain that we are unable to see. To guarantee a drain we recommend CCTV to inspect the drain once it has been unblocked. From there we can compose a report and diagnosis of your drain find what may have been blocking the line and any faults with the pipes.

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