Mobile Vacuum Cleaning Service Auckland

Do you have a grease trap or septic tank in an area where a truck can’t get it to access it? This can be a serious problem as it won’t be able to be cleaned. However, we at Drain Unblocking Ltd provide the solution you need with our mobile vacuum cleaning service.

Grease Traps Cleaning

Our mobile vacuum cleaning service is the solution you need to cleaning your drainage system, no matter where it is placed. We have a smaller sized truck which is ideally suited to accessing private properties and other areas where larger trucks cannot get to. Our small but powerful vacuum system is perfectly suited to enter buildings to clean out small under-bench grease traps with minimal mess. Our service will clean grease traps, septic tanks, cesspits and soak holes.

Efficient Drainage System Cleaning

Our mobile vacuum cleaning service will ensure that your drainage system is cleaned quickly, efficiently and with minimal mess, all at a minimal cost to you. We use the latest in mobile vacuum cleaning technology, allow us to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Call 0800 286 256 to book a mobile vacuum cleaning specialist.

Online Booking

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