Auckland and Hamilton Pump Station Cleaning

When was the last time your pump station was cleaned? Keeping a pump station clean is vital to ensure that it remains working correctly and does not block up. We at Drain Unblockers Ltd can make sure this does not happen with our pump station cleaning service, available from Auckland to Hamilton. Something wrong with the pump or the electrics? We work with pump specialists and come across seized pumps quite often. Drain Unblockers Ltd can establish the problem and help with temporary solutions until a new pump is installed or the old one repaired.

Pump Station Maintenance

For pump station maintenance, we recommend that the solids be cleaned on a quarter year basis and once a year it be fully cleaned out and tank walls be hydro jet blasted. The longer a grease trap is left the longer and more difficult it then becomes to clean. Our vacuum loading truck can hold up to 1800 litres. It is small in size and is able to get under most car parks and down narrow driveways. We have up 60 meters of hose that we can drag out to that hard to reach pump station.

Commercial Pump Station Services

With our maintenance contract with EDi Downers we have been responsible for the maintenance of a coupe pump stations in the Auckland CBD so we have had experience in this area. Instead of cleaning the whole tank out every time and charging an enormous bill for disposal contents, we only take what we need. Most of the grease and debris sits at the top of the tank and begins to harden. The hard fat chunks are what we take and leave the liquid to be pumped away.

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