Sewer And Stormwater Repairs Hamilton To Auckland

Having a problem with a stormwater or sewer drain? At Drain Unblockers Ltd we are experts in all areas of sewer repairs. We offer an efficient and cost effective solution to repairing your sewer and stormwater drains safely.

Sewer Repairs Solutions

We offer a range of solutions depending on the problem at hand to provide you with the easiest option for fixing your drain. Where possible, we recommend using the drain relining method, allowing us to fix the drain without any digging or excavation. Patching could also be a solution, where simply installing a “patch” on the problem area will solve the problem. However, where this is not possible, such as when a drain has collapsed, we are able to provide full excavation and repairs or replacement services for your sewer drain system.

All Pipe Repairs

We can repair pipes of all kinds including:

  • Ceramic sewer and stormwater pipe
  • Pressure pipe systems
  • All commercial and residential
  • UPVC drainage systems
  • Council public sewer and stormwater

Give us a call on 0800 286 256 today to repair your sewer system!

Online Booking

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