Auckland Spills and Flooding Clean Up Services

Has there been a spill or flooding? This can be very stressful and a disastrous situation that needs to be sorted instantly. Luckily for you, we at Drain Unblockers Ltd provide an emergency spills and flooding service from Auckland to Hamilton, which will sort the problem in no time! Our drain unblockers are always ready and waiting if you happen to have a flood or spill.

Flooding Clean Up

If you have had flooding due to a blocked drain or water leak or for any other reason Drain Unblockers Ltd can attend to it and have it cleaned up quickly and efficiently. Unless we are already on jobs we can be onsite the same day of contact and provide piece of mind to all.

Efficient Spill Clean Up

By using the latest in drain unblocking and spill cleaning technology, we are able to quickly and efficiently clean spills and flooding from your property without a fuss. Then we will find outwhat caused the flood or spill in the first place and inform you on your best course of action. Often times it will be a blocked or damaged drain. Rest assured that we will provide a solution!

Contact us on 0800 286 256 and we will come to the rescue!

Online Booking

Book online and team member will contact you before dispatch.

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